About Us

Our company

Merchant Couriers is a on demand deliveries and pickups service company which uses light vehicles and motorcycles delivery and pickups in Zimbabwe, currently based in Harare. We commit to serve the nation of Zimbabwe with day to day, personal, business and industrial sector deliveries. Our service is aimed at same day deliveries and pickups, with great speed and on time.

Our core values

Economic empowerment and improvement using new technology to improve business, creating new job opportunities, and partnering with already existing businesses to deliver products and services.

Why choose us?

We specialize in inner city deliveries and pickups of parcels, packages and even documents. We use fast reliable and effecient systems to make sure your package arrives on time and safely. We are very affordable too. Enter your order details in our booking form and you will know the charge before you place an order. We offer flexible shipping arrangments, using a Car or Motorbike, for individuals or businesses. We also provide the citizen an opportunity to deliver for us, using a car or motorbike. We have a win, win, win policy towards our customers and our staff and our business. You can be guranteed that everyone involved benefits.

Our promise

Delivering Parcels with Speed
Economic Empowerment of Citizens
Good Business-Business Partnerships

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We can send any package, parcel or documents. We deliver anywhere in the cities where we are located. Book your delivery right here on our website.
You can signup as a driver or rider for our company and if you own a car or motorbike. Whether you want to deliver with your motorbike or your car its up to you, just signup.
We have a wide range of sevices to fulfill your delivery needs. You can now signup and become a driver. You can also use our technology to manage your fleet, drivers, and deliveries on a monthly or yearly paid subscritpion basis,by signing up to one of our software solution packages.

Want to send something as soon as possible? You can count on us.


  • Address: Harare
  • Email: admin@merchantcouriers.co.zw
  • Website: www.merchantcouriers.co.zw
  • Mobile Phone: +263772467352